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Saturday, July 28, 2012

HST2012, CERN - The End

First of all I would like to apologize to our readers for not giving news in recent days at CERN, it was absolutely impossible. Here is the balance of the last week of the HST program 2012:
The last week at CERN basically we develop and finalize the work group. Also, we visited the CERN Control Centre (we were the first teachers inside the room, after the glass door) and the AMS Control Center that is connected directly to the International Space Station. We visited, finally, the CMS detector, where we could see the numerous computers and cables that are connected to the detector, and the security door that requires a retinal scan to be able to get inside the tunnel where is the LHC pipes.

One of the Bósimon cards. This game promises.
On the last day we carried out presentations about our work group. All teachers (42 in total) participated in the presentation within your group. My group created a game called Bósimon, consisting of a mixture of Pókemon cards with our well-known game of "go fish" on the particle physics topic. The game is so addictive that even the organizers were delighted. What they thought impossible, our group became a reality. The next step will be to test it in the classroom environment, with high school students.
In short, I believe that my coming to CERN was positive, as well as making good friends, I got more knowledge (especially on the operation of the detectors), realized team work (which is the spirit of CERN), lived within the physics major events.
Let me give a big thanks to the team that organized the HST2012, to scientists, to workers and to the General Director for having treated us so well, just like equals. Never in my life I felt the real love, respect, value and attention as that demonstrated by CERN to teachers.
And now ... will be more adventures to come?
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