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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Curved Paths

"Some problems founds in teaching physics related to curved paths that are unfortunately only described as illustration. A simple way to introduce the path is presented, which can help students to test their concept numerically. The procedure is limited into semi-circle and straight sub-paths. Smaller discretizing width $\Delta{}s$ gives better form of the produced path." (Sparisoma Viridi)
"A program called SCSPG (Semi-Circle Segmented Path Generator) is presented in this report. How it works is described and an example of it is illustrated using a case of work of friction along a curved path. As a benchmark for the program, work of friction along straight path is calculated and then compared to theoretical prediction." (Sparisoma ViridiSiti Nurul Khotimah) 
Just remember the Physics Laws of Motion (video from Exam Fear Videos):

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