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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Curiosity Rover Report (April 12, 2013): Mars' Bygone Atmosphere

This image shows the first holes into rock drilled by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity
Credit: NASA

Here is the latest news about the Curiosity Rover:

Remaining Martian Atmosphere Still Dynamic

Mars has lost much of its original atmosphere, but what's left remains quite active, recent findings from NASA's Mars rover Curiosity indicate. Rover ...
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Curiosity Resumes Science Investigations

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has resumed science investigations after recovery from a computer glitch that prompted the engineers to switch the rover ...
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Curiosity Mars Rover Sees Trend in Water Presence

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has seen evidence of water-bearing minerals in rocks near where it had already found clay minerals inside a drilled rock.
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