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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HST2012, CERN - Day 3

Ok, this day was more harder.
We started in the morning with a lecture about Inquiry Learning and all the teachers exchanged they experience. 
It's a circle process where the kids (adapted to a different levels):

ask -> investigate -> discuss -> co-create -> discuss -> reflect -> ask (...)

The 5 features of Inquiring Learning and Teaching are:

  1. Students try to explain a scientific topic, event or phenomenon;
  2. Students explores ideas;
  3. Students gather evidence from observations and clarify concepts and explanations;
  4. Students extends their understanding and identify applications of their findings to other situations;
  5. Students communicate what they have learned and how they have learned it.
After this lecture we had a special section with Professor Peter Higgs. Of course, we were so curious but we can't tell you right now what happen here (we don't know ;))

After lunch we had two lectures in particle physics to prepare tomorrow's presentation.
I will talk about later.

Tomorrow you can try to see the webcast in the next post and follow my twitter post in this blog (can you can see it after the head section).
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