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Thursday, June 2, 2011

AstroPT magazine - May Edition

The AstroPT magazine is online and ready for download.
The magazine is in portuguese but there's articles in english language.
In this issue you can find:
1. Doomsday (p. 8-9);
2. two interviews with Gregory Laughlin (discovery and characterization of extrasolar planets and planetary systems)(p. 32-38) and Geoff Marcy (first measurement of the Zeeman effect in the spectrum of solar-type stars, the discovery of "brown dwarfdesert" , the development of methods to measure the radial velocity to an accuracy of 3 m/s, the discovery of 70 of the first 100 known exoplanets, discovered the first multiple system (Upsilon Andromedae), discovered the first transiting planet (HD209458b), discovery of first planet orbiting beyond 5 AU (55 Cancri d) and discovery of the first Neptune-sizedplanets (55 Cancri and GJ 436B e).)(p. 39-42).

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