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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Black Hole Discovered

Image: NASA

NASA said yesterday at a press conference that the Chandra space observatory appears to have found the youngest black hole yet found.The black hole should be a baby at the tender age of 30 years.

The Black Hole was formed after the "explosion" / implosion of a star in supernova, SN 1979C.The star had a mass 20 times greater than our Sun.The supernova was detected in 1979 in the galaxy M100, which is located 50 million light years away from Earth.

The Supernova actually took place some 50 million years ago, but as the light took that long to reach us, we only saw 30 years agoSo, looking for the same site now, we see what looks like a black hole young, 30 years - since we saw the supernova until today (actually, the black hole is 50 million years, but the "light "that surrounds it takes time to get to us).
More in NASADiscoveryUniverse TodayDvice, e o artigo científico.
Leiam em português, na Globo, AstroPT

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